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          2. Two-side Shaping Vacuum Packing Machine

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            DCS-10F15ADouble-side automatic plastic vacuum packing machine

            Suitable for quantitative vacuum packaging of particulate matter in rice, grain and food industries


            1. High degree of automation: equipped with automatic bagging machine hand to realize automatic vacuum shaping packaging.

            2. Super package range: the package range is up to 2~10 kg.

            3. High output: 500-600 packages per hour.

            4, low leakage rate: one-time sealing technology, direct vacuum forming.

            5, plastic appearance: fine vibration can be selected.

            6. Good control performance: Siemens PLC, intelligent weighing module of touch screen.

            Technical parameters:

            Packing range: 2~10kg

            Packing speed: 500-600 packages/h

            Packaging error: 2~5g

            Power consumption: AC380V 50Hz 5KW

            Air source requirements: 0.8mpa 25m3/h

            Appearance size: length 2500* width 4002* height 2571 (mm)

            Vacuum degree (MPa) : -0.0Mp~ -07mp (adjustable)

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