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          2. Six-side shaping vacuum packaging machine

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            DCS-5F50ESix-sided semi-automatic shaping vacuum packing machine

            Suitable for quantitative vacuum packaging of particulate matter in rice, grain and food industries


            1. With efficient double clamps and double scales, the vacuum packing works fast, achieving the effect of one and two, and the output exceeds 500 packages/hour

            2, advanced six-sided shaping and sealing technology, automatic realization of six-sided vacuum shaping packaging.

            3, the use of high-precision alloy steel sensors, pneumatic and vibration feeding mechanism, weighing speed is fast, high precision packaging.

            4. The mechanical structure is simple, reasonable and easy to maintain. The equipment is small in size and occupies little space.

            Technical parameters:

            Packing range: 0.25~1kg

            Packing speed: 500-600 packages/h

            Packaging error: 2 ~ 5g

            Power consumption: 4n-ac380v50hz 2.5kw

            Air source requirements: 0.5mpa 4m3/h

            Dimensions: length 1400* width 1120* height 2210 (mm)

            Vacuum degree (MPa) : -0.07-0 (adjustable)

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