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          2. Six-side shaping vacuum packaging machine

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            DCS-5F100D Six-sided multi-station integral vacuum packing machine

            Suitable for quantitative vacuum packaging of particulate matter in rice, grain and food industries



            1. Bagging at three stations, vacuum shaping at three stations, super output measured by three scales, 600-800 bags/hour

            2, simple structure, casting production, durable.

            3. Electric push rod is adopted to adjust the limit positioning of the bag, and no tool is needed, only the touch screen operation interface is needed

            4. Adopt weighing module and Chinese touch screen operation interface;

            5, with a key start and stop function, easier to operate, more intelligen

            Technical parameters:

            Packing range: 0.3kg ~5kg

            Packing speed: 600-800 packages/h

            Packaging error: 2~5g

            Power consumption: 4n-ac380v 50Hz 3KW

            Air source requirements: 0.6mpa 4m3/h

            Appearance dimensions 1820* width 1697* height 2795

            Vacuum degree (MPa) : -0.09-0 (adjustable)

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